Problem Papers

We love a good marriage of personal life and data – show us your colorful pooping chart, your heart rate when you propose, you sleep schedule during COVID-19. We’ve been dreaming of using some corporate decision making tools in our personal life to help guide us through personal life decisions.

You can only solve a problem by making a decision. Sometimes you can make several decisions and end up solving only a symptom of a larger problem. The Problem Papers are designed to help you reinforce your confidence and understanding of your choices to make an informed decision. This is not a workbook that you must tackle linearly. The pages are available as a guide to help you help yourself over the hump of a challenging decision at any stage. There are multiple pages of each workbook page to assist you through today and tomorrow’s decisions.

14 Problem Solving Guides:

  1. Identifying the issue
    a. Five Whys
    b. Fishbone Diagram
  2. Gathering information
    a. Forcefield Analysis
    b. SWOT Analysis
  3. Identifying roads to a solution
    a. Six-Hat Brainstorm
    b. Best/Worst
  4. Weighing the evidence
    a. Decision Matrix
    b. 360 Review
    c. Pros and Cons
  5. Making a choice
    a. Question Box
    b. Venn Diagram
    c. Quick Pick
  6. Taking the best course of action
    a. Eisenhower Box
  7. Reviewing and adjusting
    a. Roses and Thorns Evaluation

Here is my first version of these papers – Please give me feedback on what you think! Are they useful? What else do you need?

Free Problem Solving/ Framing Worksheets (PDF download)

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