Captain’s Log: Starting a Thing

It’s always been a thing, but it never had a name: Side money projects: digital doodles. art and graphics for friends, marketing and writing and production. After a decade of this, and looking at my student loan balance, I’ve decided to give my business a name and start making things I want to make and also getting paid.

“Starting a business” is hard, ya’ll. I’ve spent so many hours getting up a humble website, figuring out channels for actually getting money, knowing I do things, but asking myself ‘will people pay for this?” Just the audacity to invest money in a website and logo can feel overwhelming.

It’s been 6 months, and I’ve actually made some progress in being a legitimate venture. I’m going to be posting about my experience as notes on the journey.

Ollam Media
Logo first draft January 2020, Final draft June 2020

Here is an outline of this journey, thus far:

  • January 1 2020: For the hundredth time in my life, I bought a website and made a logo as a prayer to the future self I would turn these side hustle tricks into some sort of brand and get more business.
  • January 3: I can’t find my old planner, or anything that resembles an organization system for me so I decide to design one. Easy, right?
  • January 23: after designing a few pages of the planning, I print and tweak, print and tweak for 6 weeks.
  • February 2020: Everything is abandoned for a full-time job project.
  • May 2020: Pandemic, started painting again, and moved planner project to a new data-based self-help book.
  • June 20 2020: buy and iPad, make designs, open a Threadless store, just to “do something”
  • June 25, 2020: THE LOGO IS FINISHED! A few years ago I watched a talented professional graphic designer go through multiple logo iterations, finishing their logo, and never seemed happy with it. I know this would be me as well, so once I knew I wanted an eye, I let Canva take care of the layout, and then exported it into Illustrator and remade it with some tweaks to the design. I’m blogging about it here, because I need to put a cap on this project and move on.
  • June – October, 2020: 2020 is a disaster, real job drains me completely. I buy a block print kit and a house.
  • October 19, 2020: put together my first proposal for a website refresh!

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